Primavera Contract Manager

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Primavera Contract Manager

Primavera Contract Manager is Your Project’s Solution

Primavera Contract Manager

Staying in control of your projects agenda, deliverables, and budget is critical to the forthcoming of your business and the upcoming success of your project. Keeping on schedule and on budget weighs heavily on project control, especially in the construction industry given the many groups of people involved in a single project.  From architects, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers- there is not a single aspect more important than this team properly communicating.

The Document control SOLUTION

Primavera Contract Manager is your project’s solution. This software enables collaboration and modernizes document and contract administration. After implementing Contract Manager, your team will have a consistent access to paperwork- allowing for typical problems to solve themselves. Along with accelerating project completion time you can expect to minimize delays, project risks, and lost cost management.

During our upcoming Contract Manager training you can learn how to:

–       create a company directory

–       create a project

–       track drawings

–       communicate project information

–       log and track submittals

–       document project issues

–       record project communications

–       manage project costs

–       award procurement items

–       use contract, purchase orders, and trends

–       change management

–       payment requisitions

–       the approval process

–       customize layouts

In this Demo you will learn how Contract Management Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher Edition is a document management, project control, and job cost solution that increases project efficiency and speed while reducing schedule delays and risk.


Every construction project is going to have its mistakes, but with Contract Manager, they will be fewer and farther between.


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